The Mitchell Casting team have one key thing in common: a love of actors.

Our diverse collection of skills and experiences is anchored by a shared passion for working with actors and the process of building an authentic, cohesive cast.

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Originally from Singapore, Amanda worked in the film and television industry for four years before migrating to Australia. She worked with Australian casting legend, Christine King, before opening up her own casting house MITCHELL CASTING.

She has worked on hundreds of hours of Australian and international television, which most recently includes season two of ABC’s hit series Harrow and Lingo Pictures’ The Secrets She Keeps (based on Michael Robotham’s #1 Bestseller) that is BBC1’s biggest new Monday night launch of the year (2020) so far. She is proud of her work in Shannon Murphy’s SBS miniseries, On The Ropes, and ABC’s Pulse which were both peer-nominated as a CGA finalist for Best Casting in a Drama / Miniseries. She is currently working on a Netflix series shooting in New Zealand, and NBC’s Young Rock.

Recent films include Lucas Foster’s CHILDREN OF THE CORN, and Australian feature NEVER TOO LATE (starring Jacki Weaver, James Cromwell and Dennis Waterman). She is currently casting Tyler Atkins’ debut feature BOSCH & ROCKIT. Amanda frequently performs consultancy work on international projects filming out of Australia, conducting extensive searches for the likes of Disney’s MULAN, HBO’s Sharp Objects, and AMC's NOS4A2. She frequently acts as the Australian consultant for Australia and New Zealand casting for the NBC network during pilot season.


Mia joined the Mitchell Casting team in late 2018 while studying a Bachelor of Arts in English, graduating with First Class Honours for her thesis on Shakespearean theatre. Despite a passion for plays written 500 years ago, she is motivated by the power of new voices and fresh storytelling to destabilise and reimagine our understanding of society. Somehow (call it luck, design or dark magic), Mia always lives in walking distance of the office. When not trying to decipher her own handwriting and navigating her intricate email filing system, she can be found going down rabbit holes on IMDb and being an overindulgent dog parent. The secret to her success is an excessive reliance on Thesaurus.com. 

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Hard pressed to find her without a snack in hand, Erika joined the team in 2020 after finishing her BA in Screen Production at the Australian, Film, Television, and Radio School. An avid storyteller (both personally and professionally), Erika's adolescence spent in China has left her with an ambiguous accent and anecdotes to boot. She started young, working in the industry as a child actor before turning to directing - Erika is in development on a slate of projects and has a passion for authentic casting as an honest reflection of the world we live in.